Ikhtiyar al-Din Aitegin

Ikhtiyar al-Din Aitegin

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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  • Aitegin, Ikhtiyar al-Din — (? 1240)    Along with many other dignitaries, he took an oath of allegiance to Bahram Shah (1240 1242) while Raziya Sultan (1236 1240) was campaigning in the Punjab against the rebellious governor of Lahore (1240). Bahram Shah appointed him… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

  • Bahram Shah, sultan Mu'izz al-Din — (? 1242)    After Raziya Sultan s overthrow at the hands of rebelling nobles, Iltutmish s son Bahram was raised to the throne with the title Mu izz al Din in 1240, while the administration came to be run by his viceroy (na ib), Malik Ikhtiyar al… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

  • Yaqut, Jamal al-Din — (? 1240)    A slave military officer of Abyssinian origin who already enjoyed a considerable position by the time Raziya (1236 1240) ascended the throne. Impressed by Yaqut s ability, Raziya promoted him to the position of amir i akhur and also… …   Historical dictionary of Medieval India

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